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Chapter 22. Sprint Retrospective

Scrum provides two inspect-and-adapt opportunities at the end of each sprint: the sprint review and the sprint retrospective. In the previous chapter I discussed the sprint review, where the team and stakeholders inspect the product itself. Let’s now turn our attention to the sprint retrospective, where the Scrum team examines the process used to build that product.

I begin with an overview of the purpose of and participants in the sprint retrospective. I then describe the prework and major activities associated with a sprint retrospective, the most important of which occur after the sprint retrospective when the participants actually fo...


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During the sprint retrospective, the Scrum team examines the processes used to build the product. The entire scrum team needs to participate in this retrospective. After the sprint retrospective, the participants make improvements to the process based on their findings. This is a critical step that is often downplayed or ignored in more traditional development projects. By understanding where processes need improvement, you can help ensure the success of your team and future projects.