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Blockchain for Enterprise

Blockchain evolution from cryptocurrency to enterprise technology

Stefano Tempesta

Blockchain is an emerging technology for organizations to almost instantaneously make and verify transactions -- streamlining business processes, saving money, and reducing the potential for fraud. This course covers the application of blockchain technology to the enterprise world, it describes the opportunities and challenges for adoption of DLT (Digital Ledger Technology) in a corporate environment, and specific use cases that may benefit of a decentralized and distributed trustless network. With the specific focus on the enterprise world, this session analyzes the evolution of blockchain from technology for trading cryptocurrency only, to a platform that can be adopted in the enterprise space, including the current challenges for broader adoption of blockchain-based solutions in different industries. Participants will be presented with specific use cases of application of blockchain in industries besides FinTech, and examples of implementation of blockchain solutions for distributed digital identities, proof of existence and validity of digital assets, verifiable audit trail, etc.

What you'll learn-and how you can apply it

By providing specific examples and use cases of blockchain in the enterprise, attendees will grasp a better understanding of the potential of this technology and will be able to relate to their own business and apply it in practice.

After this course, students will know:

  • What blockchain is, and the impact it has on business transformation.
  • Evolution of blockchain from cryptocurrency to enterprise-ready technology.
  • Different types of blockchain topologies and platforms available in the market.
  • Concepts of network governance, identity management, and cybersecurity.
  • Practical application of blockchain to industry-specific use cases.
  • How to plan a successful project for delivery of a blockchain solution.

This training course is for you because...

  • You work at a consulting company that implements business solutions involving blockchain.
  • You are an ERP/CRM practitioner who wants to understand the business implications of the blockchain.
  • You are a CIO or CTO looking at the feasibility of adopting blockchain.


This course takes the attendee “by hand” with no assumption on knowledge of technology or programming languages. Basic concepts of IT systems, networks, and the internet are beneficial for a better understanding of the context where blockchain technologies apply.

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About your instructor

  • Stefano Tempesta is a Microsoft RD (Regional Director), MVP on AI and Business Applications, and member of the Blockchain Council (blockchain-council.org). A regular speaker at international IT conferences, including Microsoft Ignite and Tech Summit, Stefano’s interests extend to blockchain and AI-related technologies. He created “Blogchain Space” (blogchain.space), a blog about blockchain technologies, writes for MSDN Magazine and MS Dynamics World, and publishes Machine Learning experiments on the “Azure AI Gallery” (gallery.azure.ai).


The timeframes are only estimates and may vary according to how the class is progressing

SECTION 1: The Blockchain innovation – 30 minutes

  • Digital innovation in the blockchain age: Introduction to blockchain and the digital transformation that it brings to the enterprise.
  • The technology behind blockchain: Overview of the decentralized nature of blockchain and its benefits and limitations. Present the different consensus mechanisms.
  • Blockchain 1.0, aka Bitcoin: The first generation of blockchain for cryptocurrency payments, the double-spending problem.
  • Blockchain 2.0 and Smart Contracts: The evolution of blockchain and introduction of smart contracts to address business logic requirements.

Lab Activity: Open source blockchain platforms - 15 minutes

  • Demo of open source blockchain platforms: Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric.
  • Q & A – 5 minutes
  • Break – 10 minutes

SECTION 2: Blockchain 3.0, enterprise-ready – 30 minutes

  • The next generation of enterprise-ready blockchain: Deep dive into the application of blockchain to the enterprise space, challenges, and opportunities, resolving the “last mile” problem.
  • Types of blockchain: Describe public, consortium and private topology. Permissioned and permissionless networks.

Lab Activity: Public cloud blockchain platforms - 15 minutes

  • Demo of enterprise blockchain offering in the Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and IBM cloud.
  • Q & A – 5 minutes
  • Break – 10 minutes

SECTION 3: Blockchain governance processes – 30 minutes

  • Managing digital identities: The process, infrastructure and implementation design for managing distributed digital identities in corporate directories and blockchain networks.
  • Cybersecurity in the enterprise: Identify a key aspect of security protection provided by blockchain systems, resilience to cyber-attacks, different consensus mechanisms, and confidential computing with Trusted Execution Environments (TTEs).
  • Managing payments: The process and implementation design for managing payments within a blockchain network and towards external payment gateways.
  • Using tokens to design new businesses: Describe how tokens can be used as utility or security on a blockchain and generate a new business model.

Lab Activity: Demystify the ICO - 15 minutes

  • Description of the process and challenges for raising an Initial Coin Offering.
  • Q & A – 5 minutes
  • Break – 10 minutes

SECTION 4: Enterprise blockchain use cases – 30 minutes

  • Blockchain for public Government: Description of a solution architecture for implementation of a digital ballot and verification of documents.
  • Blockchain in the Retail industry: Description of a solution architecture for implementation of an end-to-end supply chain blockchain solution that integrates IoT, mobile and web applications for tracking the distribution of goods.
  • The convergence of IoT, AI, and blockchain: Observation on what the future looks like for blockchain in connection with emerging technologies like the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, and possible synergies among them.

Lab Activity: Blockchain project planning - 15 minutes

  • Simulation of implementation of a blockchain project, from inception to delivery.

  • Final Q&A – 10 minutes

Wrap up - 5 mins

  • Session Summary
  • References and Next Steps