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CCNP Enterprise: Navigating the 2019 Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certification Exam Changes and Setting Your Course for Certification Success

Wendell Odom

Cisco turned the IT certification world on its head in June 2019 with some sweeping changes to its entire professional certification line-up. The net result: five technology tracks, with alignment between CCNP and CCIE: Enterprise, Service Provider, Data Center, Security, and Collaboration. If Cisco had stopped there, it would have been a big change. But Cisco changed the exams, they changed the CCNA-level certifications even more (impacting CCNP), and they changed important parts of the program. In fact, you only need to pass two exams to achieve any of the CCNP certifications now.

Do you want to make sense of the changes, particularly those for CCNP Enterprise, beyond what you can find at Cisco’s web site? This is the course for you.

This 2-hour course examines the new CCNP Enterprise certification. It replaces the old CCNP Routing and Switching certification, as well as the CCNP Wireless certification. Come to this class to learn about content changes, how to learn the pre-requisite knowledge, learn about the elective (concentration) exams for CCNP, and many more details about the new CCNP Enterprise certification.

The course flow gives plenty of time for Q&A to get your specific questions answered – so come ready to learn, to make your plan, and to exit the session more confident of your plan and ready to learn about your options to get your CCNP Enterprise certification!

What you'll learn-and how you can apply it

  • How the Cisco certification program works – both before and after the huge June 2019 announcements.
  • A systematic comparison of each new CCNP Enterprise exam to the old exams, so you can decide how to study today for the upcoming new exams.
  • Advice for today: a discussion and QA about tradeoffs for trying to pass the old exams now, or pass the new CCNA – or even pass some other test.
  • The Core (300-401) exam: A detailed look at the new CCNP Enterprise Core (300-401) exam, which is the one exam required for every CCNP Enterprise candidate.
  • CCNP-E Wireless Content: Comparisons between old CCNA and CCNP Wireless exams vs. the two new CCNP Enterprise Wireless exams: Implementing (300-430) and Design (300-425).
  • CCNP-E Advanced Routing (300-410): A discussion of the contents of the exam, and how it most resembles the former CCNP ROUTE and TSHOOT exams.
  • CCNP-E Design: A comparison of the new CCNP Enterprise Design (300-420) exam vs. the now defunct CCDA and CCDP certifications.
  • CCNP-E AD-WAN: A review of the newest technology in the CCNP Enterprise (formerly routing & switching) space: SD-WAN, and the new 300-415 exam.
  • Receive advice and tools to use from today until the new exam release in February 2020 so you do not have to wait to get started preparing for your new CCNA exam.

This training course is for you because...

  • You were already headed towards some CCNP certification when Cisco moved your goal - and you need some advice!
  • You know you want to pursue Cisco certification to the CCNP level - and it looks even easier now – but you want to know the real deal about the new Cisco certification programs.



About your instructor

  • Wendell Odom, CCIE No. 1624, creates many of the best-selling Cisco certification products of their types, particular in the routing and switching space. He has pioneered the authorized Cisco Certification Guide series at Cisco Press and has written every edition of the leading CCENT and CCNA Certification Guides. He has written over 30 editions of networking books, video, and software products, ranging in depth from introductory level to CCIE. Wendell has worked as an instructor, course developer, network engineer, and consultant. Find links to more study tools and resources (including his blogs) at www.certskills.com.


The timeframes are only estimates and may vary according to how the class is progressing

Section 1: Cisco Certification Structure and Impact to CCNP Enterprise (30 Minutes)

Before June 2019, Cisco had 10 technology tracks. Cisco tended to change certifications in a few different tracks, at a few different certification levels, each year. With a stroke of a web update (and much planning and hard work), Cisco morphed the program from Associate, to Professional, and even Expert level certifications, across all the tracks, with one big announcement. The announced changes will continue to roll out for the better part of a year to follow. In this first section, you will learn:

  • A brief history of Cisco certifications
  • The New Five Silo Structure: Enterprise, Data Center, Service Provider, Security, and Collaboration
  • Relationship between the new CCNA and the new CCNP Enterprise
  • CCNP Enterprise in Two Exams: 1 Core exam Plus 1 Concentration
  • Migration paths from the old CCNPs to the new CCNP Enterprise
  • Path options from CCNA to CCNP and CCIE
  • QA

Section 2: CCNP Enterprise Core Content in Detail (30 Minutes)

Cisco structures each new CCNP certification with one core exam and with a set of concentration exams. To get the CCNP certification, you pass the core exam plus one concentration exam. But the history of topics can be particularly helpful when thinking about the new topics. This section breaks down the topics and the history.

  • A review of the sources of old exam topics: CCNA R&S, CCNA Wireless, CCNP R&S, and so on.
  • Topics in the old R&S certifications (CCNA and CCNP) that remain in CCNP-E Core
  • Topics in the old Wireless certifications (CCNA and CCNP) that remain in CCNP-E Core
  • Topics new to CCNP-E as compared to former R&S and Wireless certifications
  • Comparisons to the new CCNA: How CCNP-E overlaps and extends the new CCNA
  • Performance verbs in the new Core exam
  • Practical advice: Currently-available tools to use to study now for the new CCNP-E Core
  • QA

Section 3: The CCNP Enterprise Concentrations (45 Minutes)

The five concentration exams available for CCNP-E give you some useful choices. One, advanced routing, proceeds like the former CCNP R&S, while two replace the content in the old CCNP Wireless. Another concentration replaces the older design track certifications (CCDA and CCDP), while the final exam in the list is new: an exam about SD-WAN. This section examines each in sequence.

  • CCNP-E Advanced Routing (300-410) content and advice
  • CCNP-E Designing Wireless (300-425) and Implementing Wireless (300-430) content and advice
  • CCNP-E Design (300-420) content and advice
  • CCNP-E SD-WAN (300-415) content and advice
  • QA

Section 4: Final Thoughts and QA (15 Minutes)

This final short section catches a few topics covered in the other sections and gives you a final chance to ask your questions. This section may include other topics, but will include:

  • Potential problems areas for CCNP-E
  • Impressions from watching Online comments since Cisco announced the changes
  • Your Final chance at QA